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Dominic Armistead, United Kingdom

Dominic was born and raised in the U.K. and entered yachting after leaving school in 1995. What started as an excuse to travel and sail, quickly developed into a passion and career at sea. After attaining his Master 3000GT in his early 20s, he became Captain of his first yacht at age 27. Dominic has been working hard on his career ever since, enjoying many varied and unique experiences. He was on one of the first superyachts to visit Vietnam. To further his qualifications, he took a break to study Yacht Manufacture Management at Southampton Institute. Later Dominic was part of the build team and commissioning Captain of Garcon. A keen traveler, Dominic has taken part in an expedition transiting central Africa and has enjoyed a driving tour through Australia. He joins Bella Vita from Hermitage, his most recent command. When work commitments allow, he can be found on the beach kite surfing or paddle boarding.